I’m a researcher and data scientist with a focus on visualising and communicating climate change.

Right now I’m working at the Monash Climate Change Communication Hub as a Senior Knowledge Broker, helping to bridge the gap between climate scientists and the media!

But I also have a background researching the public health impacts of climate change: I graduated in 2019 with a PhD from the Climate Change Research Centre at UNSW. I investigated extreme heat: how it affects hospital admissions in Australian cities, how it might change with the climate, and what that means for the future of our health system. Here’s my published research.

All this means I have a pretty varied mix of skills! I’ve been doing data science since 2013, and you can see tools and websites I’ve built that run the gamut from data analysis packages like collateral, through to sophisticated data visualisation platforms like website.

Have ideas about communicating climate change better? I’m always happy to talk!