I can help your staff or students tell stories or gain insights with data.


I regularly run workshops designed to help beginners get comfortable with data.

You don’t need to be data science experts to benefit from my training! Attendees could be:

  • New researchers or students who are working with data for the first time
  • Journalists who haven’t worked with data before but are ready to expand their skills
  • Analysts or policy researchers who are comfortable with Excel or Google Sheets but are ready to take the next step with coding

My data science workshops are run in a disposable cloud environment that attendees can access with just a link, so we can skip the setup issues and make the most of your time.

James’ data visual workshops provided immensely invaluable tools, resources, and expert guidance for early career researchers in our centre. It is a workshop that all STEM researchers should take.

Melissa Hart
Graduate Director
ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes

Workshops I can run for your team range can be as short as 3-hour “taster” workshops that give attendees awareness and skills for future practice, through to full-day or multi-day workshops designed to give attendees a full set of data storytelling skills.

  • Why code? Saving time with data
  • Data science fundamentals: collecting, wrangling and visualising data

For students and researchers:

  • Designing graphics for journal publication
  • Designing graphics for outreach

For journalists:

  • Basics of finding and getting data from the web
  • Advanced scraping from adversarial sources

If those topics aren’t quite what you’re looking for, get in touch and we can develop a workshop that fits your needs!

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I give talks on data visualisation, storytelling, open data science and climate change:



I’m also happy to help you and your team directly, whether it’s building impactful data-driven visuals for an upcoming report or simply helping you strategise.

As a data journalist, I’ve built accessible, interactive visuals from complex data for years. If you’re excited by the possibilities of embracing data storytelling but aren’t sure where to start, email me!

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