Data and Digital Storytelling Lead


October 15, 2021

I lead data analysis, data visualisation and digital storytelling efforts at 360info, a new research-driven newswire.

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At a time of low trust in news and widespread misinformation, 360info™ delivers verified and reliable information to as many publishing, broadcasting and civic society outlets as possible. It is not a breaking news service nor a consumer-facing website driven by clicks. 360 operates as a “wire agency” supplying contextual and explanatory news features ready-for-publication on other publisher’s outlets at no cost under Creative Commons.

As 360’s Data and Digital Storytelling Lead, I’m responsible for ensuring our reporting makes the best use of open datasets and research possible. This is a real “full stack” role, as I’m doing everything from building our data visualisations and charts, to standardising our design language, to ensuring our computational infrastructure and tools work with our “wire agency” distribution model.