Add flowing column layouts to your Quarto, RMarkdown or Pandoc Word documents.

August 1, 2022

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Column is a Pandoc filter (packaged as a Quarto extension) that adds flowing multi-column sections to Word documents.

A Word document with two different sections that break in mutliple columns. The first has a wide left column and a narrower right column, separated by a line; the second has three equally-sized columns.

Although Quarto has a variety of layout options that work with Word documents, none of them will “reflow” inline content across columns the way native Word columns will. This extension turns fenced divs marked with the .columnflow class into mutli-column sections.

These sections can be configured to have any number of columns of equal or unequal widths, and spacing can be configured too.

Because it’s a Pandoc filter, columnflow can be used by other Pandoc-based tools, like RMarkdown.